About us

SEGES is the leading agricultural knowledge and innovation centre in Denmark. We offer sustainable solutions for the agriculture and food sector of tomorrow. We work with international customers and clients. At SEGES, we build a bridge between research and practical farming. Our products and services are developed in partnership with farmers and customers.

Our prime objective is to identify and develop the commercial possibilities of agriculture in order to provide farmers with the best options for running their businesses more profitably while taking the environment and animal welfare into consideration.

Our knowledge covers all aspects of farming and farm management – from crops, livestock and finance to tailor-made software solutions, farm employee training and business strategy development.

We are more than 650 dedicated colleagues, specialising in every aspect of innovation targeted at the agriculture and food sector. Our business is based in Denmark, however, we work in partnerships and with clients all over the world.

SEGES collaborates with research institutes, universities, public authorities and private companies in Denmark and across the world.

In research and innovation projects, SEGES always focuses on disseminating the project results to the farmers as well as assisting them with the subsequent implementation on the farms. 

We are continuously involved in several national and international research projects covering a wide range of areas and topics. We also participate in activities and projects based on EU funding and other national funds.

  • Ejnar Boysen Schultz, Managing Director
  • Ivar Ravn, Executive Director, Digital
  • Lisbeth Shooter, Executive Director, Innovation
  • Per Lauritsen, Executive Director, Commercial Activities
  • Lars Daugaard, CFO, Group Finance & Services

The Danida Fellowship Centre works for sustainable development through research and learning. On behalf of the Danida Fellowship Centre, SEGES develops and conducts the international training programme “Entrepreneurship, innovation and value chains”. 

The programme targets professionals such as government staff, members of support service organisations, SME development centres and business incubators as well as partners in entrepreneurship, e.g. chambers of commerce involved in the promotion and development of entrepreneurship and value chains. Participants are introduced to the Danish cooperative model which entails a unique collaboration across the value chain characteristic of the Danish agriculture and food sector. Danida is an organisation established by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark.

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Whether you are looking for consultancy services, specialist knowledge, inspiration or commercial services such as product tests or new digital solutions, we are ready to help you and we are always happy to tell you more about our products. If you need a new partner for an exciting project, please do not hesitate to contact us.