Our Ambition

We stand committed to developing sustainable solutions within practical farming, for the benefit of farmers, businesses and societies all over the world. We work towards net zero carbon emissions from Danish agriculture by 2050.


Knowledge sharing and cooperation is an integral part of SEGES’ DNA and how we develop new solutions and generate results on the farms. We are open-minded and innovative and we believe that working together in partnerships helps everyone create better results.

Our focus is to provide sustainable solutions for future farming.

SEGES is owned by farmers and we know both the farmers and the industry better than anyone else. We bring this knowledge with us into our research, problem solving and digital tools. User-friendly solutions which are easy to implement and operate are key in our work to improve yields, business results and sustainability.

SEGES is known for showing the way to creating higher output with lower input.

SEGES’ history goes back more than 200 years

In the past, farmers drew on their own experience and that of other farmers. In addition, knowledge was passed on to farmers by the local priest, the village schoolmaster and farmer associations.

As agriculture became more specialised, a need for a joint powerhouse emerged. In 1971, local farmer associations joined forces and established a national knowledge centre.

Today, this national knowledge centre is known as SEGES. It remains owned by farmers and it still provides professional knowledge to the benefit of all farmers and the farming industry.

For more than 40 years, SEGES’ knowledge and tools have helped farmers improve their results, and we have been instrumental in making Danish agriculture and food production one of the world’s most competitive, climate-friendly and sustainable in the world.

Do you want to improve sustainability and results from your business?

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Interested in joining the SEGES team?

At SEGES, we are currently 650 colleagues based in Denmark. As our business grows, so will our team.