We support farmers in their efforts to farm in the most sustainable way

We aim at contributing to increased sustainability in farming and food production. Our work supports the triple bottom line: the environmental, financial and social aspects of a business.

Our goal is to improve yields and quality, efficiency and transparency, animal health and welfare as well as work environment and financial profitability. At the end of the day, it is all about lowering the footprint on the environment and climate and about increasing biodiversity.

How do we improve sustainability in farming?

Productivity and resource optimisation are key when improving sustainability and are obtained through strong daily management on the farms. Therefore, we focus on sharing our research and knowledge with farmers on websites, at meetings and conferences, through farm training and via local farm advisers. We work to develop sustainable solutions, not only from an environmental but also from a financial perspective by contributing to increased profitability on the farms.

Farming and climate footprint

Our ambition is to lower the carbon footprint of farming.

Solutions and tools from SEGES will be implemented on Danish farmer, supporting the ambition from the Danish farming industry to become net carbon neutral by 2050.

The Danish food and agricultural cluster works hard to ensure sustainable production and has proven that economic growth is possible while reducing the use of resources. SEGES has played and plays an important role in this positive development by identifying new farming methods and tools that enable farmers to achieve great results.