Crops and environment

SEGES Crops and Environment provides farmers and advisers with the latest knowledge about on-field operations. Because of our know-how and methods, Danish farmers rank among the best in the world when it comes to crop yields, the quality of produce, the handling of nutrients, fertilisers and pesticides as well as herbicides and insecticides. Our focus is to continue to be proactive and to be front-runners regarding environmentally friendly cultivation methods.

In practice, this means that we:

  • Produce new knowledge through national trials and farm tests in cooperation with research scientists 
  • Disseminate knowledge
  • Develop and offer IT solutions for data management and optimisation of agricultural holdings 
  • Provide specialised advisory services to Danish farmers, mainly through local advisers
  • Develop new ways of working and train farm advisers and farmers in the newest production methods

Moreover, we help farmers meet the environmental demands which they face and prepare well-researched applications for subsidies from the EU’s agricultural support schemes.

We do independent field trials

1,000. That is the number of field trials we complete every year. Our trials are carried out in partnerships with authorities, producers, farmers and researchers. We strive to develop the best possible cultivation methods under varying conditions.

SEGES Innovation works continuously to improve farming methods and implement environmentally friendly practices on farms. Our experts work closely with universities and authorities to develop and document new methods. Implementing the newest methods and technologies and applying new knowledge to practical farming is core to us, as is the training of farm advisers and farmers.

At SEGES, we are experts in:

  • Crop production
  • Optimisation of feed supply
  • Agricultural engineering and soil cultivation
  • Optimised pesticide and fertiliser use
  • Development of crop production advisory service
  • Production economy
  • Organic plant production
  • Soil fertility
  • IT as an integral part of crop producers’ everyday life
  • Farm tests – in-field and on-farm testing and assessment of new technologies and methods
  • Bioenergy crops and energy engineering