Dairy and Beef Research Centre

SEGES Dairy & Beef Research Centre works to ensure a sustainable future for cattle farming.

Our expertise – provided by skilled veterinarians, agronomists, economists etc. – covers a variety of professional areas such as:

  • Feeding
  • Nutrition
  • Health
  • Finances
  • Milk quality
  • Breeding

Danish dairy farms are world-class when it comes to efficient production and animal welfare. Also, medicine consumption is low and so is the impact on nature, climate and the environment. 

For generations, SEGES Dairy and Beef Research Centre has worked with farmers, veterinarians and farm advisers to improve all parameters within beef and dairy productions. Our aim is to maintain this position and to share our knowledge with farmers and businesses outside of Denmark in order to improve conditions, results and sustainability all over the world.

SEGES Dairy & Beef Research Centre participates in several research projects with universities and the industry – both nationally and internationally.

Producing milk of the highest quality is every dairy farmer’s top priority.

Veterinarians, agronomists and highly skilled specialists from SEGES work together to develop methods and new knowledge that help improve milk quality, and subsequently farm profitability, even more.

Our team of experienced milk quality advisers are experts in milk and milking procedures and they offer advice directly to farmers to ensure as well as improve milk quality, udder health and overall animal health and welfare.

Modern cattle farms require professional management and guidance.

SEGES Dairy & Beef Research Centre develops and disseminates useful tools and methods to ensure optimal management of the modern cattle farm.

In close collaboration with farmers and the industry, we have developed the state-of-the-art IT-platform DMS (Dairy Management System) International, which is known to be the most comprehensive herd management platform in the world. The platform is available in English and several other languages.

SEGES LEAN specialists help farmers implement LEAN at the farm and train staff to work with lean on a daily basis in order to improve business results. Our experienced team has carried out several LEAN sessions and keynote speeches both in Denmark and abroad.

SEGES Dairy & Beef Research Centre collects, produces and disseminates knowledge to farmers and advisers on feed materials and the feeding of cattle. Our aim is to ensure optimum feeding to improve animal health, welfare, growth and yields.

Further, we focus on the footprint of feed and feeding on the environment, climate and economy. The projects are implemented in cooperation with local and regional consultancies, private companies and universities.

SEGES’ experts in genetic evaluation calculate the breeding value for dairy and beef cattle. The Genetic Evaluation Team from SEGES works in close cooperation with Finland and Sweden on the genetic evaluation of dairy cattle through the Nordic Genetic Evaluation. We calculate a total economic index, NTM (Nordic Total Merit), for each animal.

Genomic testing is a ground-breaking source of information which our team of experts use in their work to identify the dairy bulls of the future.

To further develop the breeding work, the team is looking into the possibility of utilising data from milking robots and working with the potential of crossbreeding as well as using genetic information to lower methane emissions from cattle.

SEGES provides wide-ranging research, development and practical applications in the field of animal health, welfare and reproduction. Our main goal is to provide our customers with the latest knowledge on animal health, welfare and reproduction.

Veterinarians from SEGES are also happy to provide comprehensive sparring and second opinions on the optimisation and development of livestock herds. We may also be able to help with problem solving in more specific areas.

SEGES can help you with expert knowledge and experience in everything from udder health and hoof health to paratuberculosis, salmonella, cow and calf mortality and disease prevention. We also work with animal welfare. And we have a complete overview of the regulatory area.