Data-driven management and software

SEGES Digital

We are the link between farmers and new digital technologies that improve performance and results in farming.

We believe that sustainable and climate-friendly farming can only be achieved if we take advantage of all new digital technologies such as satellite imagery, machine learning and predictive analytics software.

Our focus is to integrate a wealth of data from agrarian and environmental technologies with available area and climate data in order to improve farm management and financial results.

SEGES is an internationally recognised software partner with more than 40 years of digital experience.

SEGES software is used every day by thousands of farmers

SEGES Digital develops software and digital tools that improve farming. Our tools are easy to use and enable farmers to optimise their production – improving yields, animal welfare and financial results while lowering waste, environmental footprint and climate gas emissions.

Our in-house digital specialists and agricultural experts work closely together so that we can provide unique solutions that include more than just software. Because we understand the challenges of the farmers in depth, we can help solve these challenges through customised, plug-and-play digital solutions.

CASE: The Dashboard improves farm management

The SEGES Dashboard gathers real-time data – from the fields and livestock production to budget numbers – and turn these into KPIs. The interface is simple and presents key figures in a way that creates a quick overview and at the same time allows for more detail to be presented. The dashboard is used by many farmers, in their own daily management as well as when following up on results with employees and advisers.
Please read our customer story on the Microsoft website.

Farmers who have implemented the SEGES Dashboard solution have significantly improved their financial results because the Dashboard has increased transparency by giving insights into business-critical developments as well as a general overview.

CASE: DMS International is the world’s most comprehensive herd management programme

DMS (Dairy Management System) is probably the world’s most comprehensive management system for dairy, cattle and beef.

First and foremost, DMS supports day-to-day operations with registrations, attention lists and alarms. Further, it is a management tool consisting of breeding planning, herd performance benchmarking, herd forecasting, feeding and nutrition management. DMS also offers dairy production analytic reports. Beyond that, DMS collects data on health and medical treatments, breeding, feed, births and deaths.

DMS flawlessly exchanges data with milking equipment, sensors, dairies, abattoirs, laboratories etc. 

CASE: Crop manager – precision farming at hand

Crop manager improves the efficiency of crop cultivation by mapping the crop plans, providing the history of sowing, predicting weather changes and analysing the farm territory with the help of GIS precision analysis. In short, the program helps reduce the environmental footprint and maximise profits from farming.