CRiskA makes it easy to work safely with chemicals. With CRiskA, you have all safety data sheets and chemical risk assessments gathered in one place.

Work safely while handling hazardous chemicals

CRiskA guides farmers and employees to handle hazardous chemicals safely and in compliance with regulations. 

With CRisKA you get:

  • Quick access to information on thousands of safety data sheets for hazardous chemicals by either scanning the product's barcode or performing a simple text search within the app.
  • User-friendly guidance: CRiskA uses simple pictograms for easy understanding, ensuring that all employees can follow safety guidelines and access vital information. 

Benefits from CRiskA:

  • You save time on handling documentation and safety sheets.
  • You have your chemical risk assessments and safety data sheets in one place and at your fingertips.
  • Complying with the legislation is easy.
  • In case of an accident, there is quick access to the safety data sheet for the product in question.
“It all becomes easier when you can quickly access the essential information about hazardous chemicals," says Jesper Gosvig, co-owner of Lindegaarden.

Scan a product, and you'll know which protective equipment you should use.

Partner up with SEGES Innovation

Do you see a potential in using CRiskA in your country/company?  

We are always open for collaborations and partnerships. If you are interested in joining forces with us, or if you have any exciting ideas, we encourage you to reach out to us. 

For inquiries, please contact:

Jesper Riber Nielsen
Director Digital Crops, MSc
SEGES Innovation
+45 6017 4020