TraceIT is a business intelligence platform that provides your food company with complete documentation for the product you've purchased from the farmer.

Traceability and documentation from primary production to food companies   

TraceIT ensures an easy and transparent transfer of data between the farmer and the buyer. Using TraceIT the farmer can transfer data from the databases of choice. 

With TraceIT you get:

  • a secure and transparent way to transfer data between farmer and buyer. Ownership of data for the traded product 
  • access and storage of quality-assured data for the purchased product along with refined data, such as climate footprint calculated at product or field level 
  • a platform to send documentation of the primary production to a third party. A white-label solution that visualises data tailored to your company's needs.

For buyers of the primary production  

  • TraceIT is a white label, business intelligence platform that provides food suppliers in the agroindustry value chain full documentation for the product purchased from the farmer. 
  • Based on large quantities of data from the primary production, companies can get access to carbon footprints, management data, quality parameters, management practices, data on animal welfare and more.  

For suppliers to the primary production 

  • Companies supplying input (seeds, fertilisers, pesticides, biochar, nitrification inhibitors, technology, etc.) to the primary production can use TraceIT to document the effect of their products/technology on yield, quality, carbon footprint etc. under field conditions. 
  • Access to TraceIT can support product development and sales as a supplement to field trials. Additionally, TraceIT can document the distribution of products/technologies/measures in relation to e.g., certifications or climate credits.   

TraceIT ensures an easy and transparent transfer of data from farmer to fork.

Partner up with SEGES Innovation

Do you see a potential in using TraceIT in your country/company? 

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