Organic farming

SEGES Organic Farming collaborates with researchers at universities and institutes, with private companies within the sector as well as farmers, nationally and internationally, to develop and promote organic farming. We lead and participate in projects aimed at identifying new ways of working and generating new insights into how to improve organic farming methods.

SEGES Organic Farming:

  • Conducts field trials and tests and collaborates with farmers in on-farm development projects
  • Offers a large web-based collection of professional and practical knowledge about organic pig production
  • Shares the newest knowledge and farming methods with advisory centres and advisers, enabling them to advise farmers on all aspects of organic farming
  • Heads the development and implementation of carbon footprint assessment tools in the organic farming sector 
  • Operates RISE (“Response-Inducing Sustainability Evaluation”) in Denmark. RISE is a method for assessing the sustainability of agricultural production at farm level
  • Hosts a biannual conference for organic advisers, researchers and farmers where the latest news on organic farming is shared