CASE: How SEGES contributes to a more sustainable future for farmers in Nigeria

The Milky Way Partnership is a collaboration between Arla, one of the world’s biggest dairy companies, Care Denmark, the Danish Agricultural and Food Council, SEGES, and the Nigerian pastoralist organisation, Coret. The initiative is supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark.

A group of farmers in the Nigerian state, Kaduna, are involved together with the local dairy coop Milcopal. Here, SEGES’ experts have trained farmers, which has resulted in an improvement of animal health and yields, as well as milk quality.

Case: SEGES works to improve udder health and eliminate mastitis

As leading experts on udder health, SEGES has initiated a collaboration with the University of Copenhagen and the Centre for Diagnostics, DTU, on research regarding mastitis (IMI). The purpose of the work carried out by the Danish Udder Health Centre is to identify how to cost-effectively improve udder health and reduce somatic cell count as well as antimicrobial usage in dairy cattle herds. The centre also works to improve the general understanding of farmers’ management of cows with mastitis. The results are disseminated in reports, articles and at conferences.