Pig production

A prerequisite for running and continuously developing a profitable production of pigs is the consistent implementation of up-to-date know-how. This is the focus of SEGES Pig Production. 

SEGES Danish Pig Research Centre is SEGES’ knowledge and development centre on everything related to pig farming. Danish pig production excels when it comes to quality, animal welfare, traceability and sustainability. On top of that, we know how to ensure efficient production.


SEGES Danish Pig Research Centre provides two industry standards: the DANISH Transport Standard and the DANISH Product Standard.

The DANISH concept sets a high standard for the production of pork and bacon products, reflecting both technical know-how and an ability to influence key quality parameters throughout an integrated production chain.

The application of this knowledge allows us to set high and meaningful standards in key areas, affecting product quality, taste and safety, as well as meeting the requirements for ethical and sustainable production.

The DANISH Product Standard was developed following close consultation with our business partners, customers and consumers in the many markets where Danish pork and bacon are sold, which is ample evidence of the Danish commitment to maintaining these high standards in the future.

Case: What are the alternatives to zinc oxide?

By 2022, European pig producers will no longer be allowed the therapeutic use of zinc oxide as a tool to reduce diarrhoea in just-weaned pigs. On behalf of Danish pig producers, who are global leaders in pig production, SEGES has set out to identify not only alternatives to zinc but also the most efficient and sustainable replacement. That is why SEGES hosted the world’s first international conference on the matter, Zero Zink Summit, back in 2019.

Finding an alternative to zinc is a difficult challenge because there is no one solution. SEGES has taken a holistic approach. Focus is on management, environment, feed, weaner quality, health and immunisation as well as diagnostics and treatment. SEGES has partnered up with universities, companies and researchers. SEGES also conducts farm trials.