We develop digital tools that help farmers optimise their production and lower the environmental footprint of farming

We link farmers, new technology and digital tools.

SEGES Digital develops software and digital tools that improve farming. Our tools are easy-to-use and tailor-made for farmers.

SEGES’ digital tools enable the farmer to optimise his production by improving yields, animal welfare and financial results while lowering waste, environmental footprint and climate gas emissions.

CASE: Precision farming enables you to do what you are already doing, only better

SEGES is a front-runner regarding tools for precision farming. Our focus is to integrate a wealth of data from new sensor technologies with field and climate data.

The SEGES-led project, Future Cropping, has generated several innovative solutions and results in precision farming – with the ability to increase crop yield and quality without worsening the environmental impact.

With Future Cropping, we put precision farming and data communication into play. We have built a data platform, CropManager, which integrates a wide range of data from sensor and satellite technologies with existing field information and real-time climate data. Based on these data, we have developed new tools and technologies to support real-time decision making in the field, in close collaboration with universities, private companies and other stakeholders.